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Music -

Za Rušení


Initially, this album was to be a collection of "noise" pieces for the infamous Noisevember. The idea was to take a series of between 3 and 5 notes generated randomly by a Bash script as each piece's basis. The concept lasted for less than half of the cycle, but the aleatory spirit lived on.

The music evolved as a unit into something more than a mere month-long writing binge and is collected here as a (hopefully!) coherent whole.

Bob Murry Shelton - Guitar, Modular Synth, Sequencers, Effects, Supercollider, Treatments, Samplers, Dim Inner Glow

Christian Michael Newman - Mumbling, Guitar, Effects, Digital Lettuce Engineering, Dim Outer Glow

Composed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Flavigula

Cover by Christian

Frequency Of Lethargy
Loitering In Maßmann Park
Herbal Pontification
Kez Miqir Liz
Tetyk Jo Hapa Mihupoluk Sonulen
Kitap Syk Uriel Liz
Sodden Raft
Tres Pulgones Por Amor
Tyk Jena Tin Nulu
Hupu Li Tzifela Hupol
Lip Sofor Liz Pes Pinu
Jezevčí Chladírna
Tetyk Moljaum
A Serbian Princess




Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
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