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A Murderous Flash
Sat, 18 Jan, 2020 14.47 UTC

Yesterday, in the early evening, I had a flash like a sudden fever that struck me then left, but returned in reverberating waves during the following hours. The feeling had subsided completely by the time I passed into sleep hours later, but the thought structure it left behind remained. It still remains today.

The collection of wealth for its own sake is an abomination. Moreover, the collection of wealth to pool into a family trust is equally evil. Common regurgitations I perceive are along the lines of I’m saving so my children can have a better life. But what these egocentric oafs are really doing is teaching the same behaviour to the offspring in effort to hoard wealth into a dynasty.

It’s somewhat the same as the mafia strategy, concentrating hoardings in the family throughout generations to no ends but augmenting the pile. The dragon in Grendel floats to mind, but on a hereditary scale.

Being a speciesist, or even a proponent of all life, in general, I find concentrations of power, wealth, or any sort of potential detrimental to what I feel is the flow of life. I can only peripherally understand it from the point of view of the hoarders, assume their motives, of course, but the portion I understand sickens me. I strikes like a fever at this flow of life, which seems to be diverted and diluted again and again by generational wealth hoarding.

Gather a pile of gold and sit on it.

I’m about to use the word should extensively in the following paragraph. Thus, I am accused of instructing others in the way they should act. It could be seen as my own form of fundamentalism. So be it if it is seen that way. I write what I feel would improve the world in general, and in specific, relations between communities in our species.

My thoughts are that each individual, and on less granular scale, each family or even peer group or organization, should to make a contribution from their hoarding to the flow of life. These contributions should be anonymous so they do not cause a fluctuation in the aesthetic perception of said individual or group. They shouldn’t be a one time thing, akin to a religious act of being saved by the one time scandal of letting the Jesus creature into their lives. Direct application of funds can be substituted by substantial acts of kindness. Either way, a portion of the wealth hoard is diffused back into the flow of life.

My seething hatred at those who pile their gold solely for their kin and for no other reason to pile their gold and teach their offspring to do the same has faded. The impression remains. The seething hatred has faded, but I’d still not mind were many of them used as fertilizer. We need more fertilizer around here, after all.

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