Here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth.

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Music -

This space is intentionally a part of the void.

Having stating the credo of this site and our lives, but before expounding on what may, to some, appear to be a type marmot or ware-bunny, please do one or all of the following:

Much of our catalog is now available at the Kunovitý Records Faircamp .

Continue reading for semi-up-to-date info.


As stated on the bandcamp page and possibly in other places:

Flavigula wavers in crepuscular zones, modulating among ripples and maelstroms, within spectra of snow and hailstones. Neither she makes delineations among the pleasing and unsightly, nor distinctions within the crystalline, shifting phase. Bounding in abstract landscapes, she thrives.

Of course, that is slightly pretentious and says nothing about the musical project itself. I, the writer of these pages, am the main composer and player, although my compatriot in sound sculpting, Christian Michael Newman, can be credited with myriad ideas and end-game scenarios. The bassist for several albums, a Kris Boudreau from Moncton, New Brunswick has also contributed to recent arrangements (whether he knows it or not). Let's not forget to mention the bassist that contributed to Nine Sided Die[a]. Also whether Mr Christopher White knows it or not, his contributions were more than just playing the parts.


Nine Sided Die , our most humble album to date, is released on 5 December 2023 on Submarine Broadcasting , and right at this very moment, meaning day 12, on our Faircamp[b] page.

On the next to the last day of May, 2023, Pagan Park - Seminole, Texas was released by Full Spectrum Records . It details times spent in one of my childhood "homes". Well, specifically in a park near that "home". Ironically, it was not until I was in my later years that I spent time walking in this park, sitting on its benches pondering the Duality and Trinity Trees, and observing how it interacts with the dry cusp of Seminole, Texas. Much of this album is the result.

November of 2022 was a creeping mad rush to create as many cohesive oddities as possible. The results, shakily mastered, are entitled Za Frigidním Ořem.

Zenapolæ , who released the album before the aforementioned collection of oddities, Podél Směrů, incidentally, has much excellent ambient and experemental content. I thought I'd mention it since much of our current music leans towards ambient / drone / experimental.

Zenapolae (https)

Were you not compressed into a singularity by the previous few paragraphs, you'd visit myriad other places suited to Flavigula listening:

Firstly, our Faircamp page.

Faircamp (https)

Secondly, the cooperatives jam.coop and mirlo.space brim with not just ours, but myriad musicks seeping from the universe's crevices.

Thirdly, there is no thirdly.

Fourthly, our bandcamp page.

Our occassional collaborator Tim Rowe's music can be found on bandcamp.

And Kris Boudreau has a number of fantastic atmospheric releases.



Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
these writings 1993-2023 by Bob Murry Shelton are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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