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Platonic Form 3
Mental models
Sat, 06 Jun, 2020 15:19

If the reach between what we perceive and what actually “is” is as infinite as it seems to me, then our perceptions during waking and our perceptions during dreaming are equally valid. It goes without saying, or writing, or squawking that our perceptions whilst flummoxed on some drug or another is also equally valid. As there are other shambling physical forms in the world, the way we perceive them during moments of wakefulness, dreaming, drugged out bliss or psychotic rage isn’t as important as the way we react to our perceptions of them during moments of wakefulness, dreaming, drugged out rage or psychotic bliss.

I posit that for the safety of all, each flow of mental information should be separated from its fleshy container. How this is done is irrelevant. Transfer these flows of mental information into digital form, giving each a universe created from all experienced whilst in fleshy form, including daydreaming, nightdreaming and drugged out bliss-or-rageful interludes. This way, since no fleshy forms are left, no fleshy form can cause damage to any other fleshy form. Each flow of mental information flounders or flourishes in a universe of its own.

I’ve always had the premonition that this is similar to what happens anyhow when one’s flow of mental information is about to cease. The brain constructs a completely new universe in which to live during its final moments. This universe is basically reincarnation, and time is stretched to the length of a lifetime for the dream during these moments. The process is, of course, also recursive.

So, see ya in the next life, brotha.

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