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The Oblivious Rule the Earth
Sun, 22 Nov, 2020 11:16

What I have come to think of as the oblivious nature of the Spanish or simply the Spanish behaviour, just occurred outside my apartment, in the stub of a corridor, in front and partially inside of the lift. That last bit is very important. Our new neighbour, whose name is Juanco or somesuch, stood in the stub of the corridor speaking to another human who stood partially in and partially out of the lift. This latter human was therefore blocking the lift and preventing anyone else in the building from using it. The conversation carried on for at least ten minutes.

Since living in Logroño, I’ve noticed this type of behaviour in locals in general, and especially when it comes to the less than elegant process of saying “goodbye” to someone or a group of someones. An impromptu congregation manifests and seals itself inside a bubble. This frighteningly localised bubble does not admit any stimuli from beyond its membrane. A tendency also exists, when in a more public place, for this bubble to block or divert any pedestrian traffic in its proximity.

I’m aware that this behaviour exists in places other than Spain, but its existence has announced itself much more strongly in this country than in any other in which I’ve lived. I’m also aware that in my decrepitude I may becoming more easily irked by the ways of the masses. Enough of caveats, though. These actions are empty of empathy, show a lack of observation skills, and promote general bubble-thinking. My rage only intensifies when these denizens put on the mask of joy or drink and the excuse of fiesta to excuse themselves.

They need to die.

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