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Dissolving Beams from a Dying Sun
Sun, 15 Aug, 2021 00.00 UTC

Kenji Kihara weaves a tapestry of sound about the room as I type into an (almost) empty Vim buffer once again. It’s been quite a while, or so it seems. The impetus for this entry was actually my joining of a small Virtual City called Nightfall City. I sit disconsolate on the moors of Dusk’s End, or rather, any entry that ends up in my Gemini feed does. Can blog entries be disconsolate? I posit that they can emit a sensation of disconsolateness. I’m not sure this one will achieve such a feat, however, as I’m rather bleary from only four to five hours of sleep during each night of the last week and a half. Big fun!

As far as social media and Virtual Cities go, I’ve been pleased over the last few years with the Sonomu.club community on Mastodon. I’ve found like-minded humans (and possibly mustelids) there who share love for music and poetry and are purveyors of positive reinforcement as opposed to the good old American negative reinforcement I grew up with and which pervades much of what I’ve seen of Western Culture. Oh, the psychopathy of passive aggressive manipulation and chantaje emocional. Big fun!

As for the colossal changes that are about to crescendo in my life, I’ll get to them soon. I simply wanted to add an entry like stabbing a small flag into the crest of a moor before I rise again to walk to the next, even higher one.

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