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A Silently Widening Rift
Fri, 17 Sep, 2021 11.13 UTC

I was going over in my mind whether it was important to share similar taste in Music and Art during a relationship. I suspect that it’s not a problem for most relationships, though when one of the participants of said relationship is passionate about particular arts or musics, it is a problem.

Creating art or music is a deeply personal pursuit and lack of appreciation from a partner, even if said partner is supportive of the activity (as Marisa was), can debilitate the whole partnership, creating a silently widening rift. It happened with Marisa and myself. Well, it was one of the factors that led to my leaving. The rift widened over time into a ravine and then bottomless gulf. On one edge I stood with my music. On the opposite edge, she stood, not interested in listening.

Understanding another’s artistic objectives is essential. Sitting with the art and pondering it is essential. This I say in the context of marriage, long term partnerships in general, and any sort of relationship where two humans are cohabitants, sharing significant blocks of time together.

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