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Universes within Universes
Wed, 29 Sep, 2021 11.26 UTC

The last two days, and including this morning, I have a marked lack of energy, both psychologically and physically. I presume the culprit is the wasting illness that has plagued me for several centuries. It’s a wonder that there are any cells left in me. I should be a grey wraith wandering in Pagan Park. Perhaps I am and thus hallucinating my current life, including typing on a laptop I named Pennanti. The fate wouldn’t be so bad, in fact.

Regaining semblance of energy today will involve imbibing commodious containers filled with various caffeinated beverages. It will also involve receiving my Argon8 synthesizer. I shall be so invigorated that I’ll not sleep again for centuries and the so-call wasting disease will be a thing of the distant past.

Which brings me to an only distantly related topic.

I’ve posited that in a time of extended sensory denial, the mind will create its own universe in which to live. The phenomenon may also happen at the brink of death or during the process of dying itself. And, like dreams are rarely cognizant of the way time passes in the real world, the process could involve experiencing a whole separate (but not quite completely separate) lifetime.

So, possibly in the real world, I am in a sensory deprivation chamber, or even have had my brain removed completely. Without sensory apparati attached to the brain, the result is the same. The universe I have concocted includes me typing on Pennanti. Oh, what solipsism!

But it doesn’t have to be complete solipsism. Each subsequent universe the brain creates, and universes within universes created by the created brain / mind again either in some state of sensory deprivation or in the process of dying, could be a modified form of the original universe I have lived (or am currently living - in a state of sensory deprivation or in the process of dying) through. Therefore, a sense of deja vu and even previous lives is intact. The creatures and objects I interact with are eidolons of the ones who originally shaped me. It is a re-experiencing of the initial course of my life, and variations on it.

Well, isn’t that grand!

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