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The Stumble Through Life Itself
Thu, 06 Oct, 2022 06.59 UTC

The current draft of Union squirts from the speaker(s) of this tablet. The initial section will be attended to soon by the mixing module of my cerebrum, as the impressions it usually leaves on me is that of tenebrous, oily liquid. In one way, however, I do like how dark it sounds. Perhaps murky is a better word. The flow from the end of Olšanské Hřbitovy into Christian’s transition directly to the murk may be just what the universe needs during this trying epoch. The remainder of the piece is more bright, much unlike the perfect dampening of distributed matter at the Heat Death of the Universe, which, they say, is right around the corner, as it always has been and should certainly be.

Although the flow (again I use that word) of Union is more fluid (as opposed to chunky) than my initial mental sketch proposed, I am more pleased after each day of work, and therefore of detailing and cohering. The pieces of this album were to be more fragmented than they appear to have become. Sure, the fragmentation is still apparent, but it’s just not as jarring as in the aforementioned mental sketch. This style of music is a direct reflection of the stumble through life itself. Most pieces I’ve heard in my meandering life are of an ideal fluidity. Though beautiful, they idealise an actual traversal from one point of time (in a day, week, century, epoch, etc) to another for an entity (a human, for example). More realistic are myriad deviations, shortcuts, long-way-rounds and deterrents during this traversal. My music reflects this reality with each deviation, shortcut, long-way-round or deterrent being of various lengths and containing differing musical material, but always with reflection back to an idealised source (for example, a melody or harmonic structure defining the original idea of the traversal).

That being explained, the ride cymbal during the second part of the “verse” has far too much reverb on it. That can be repaired after today’s writing is installed into the Boltzmann Brain that is Yak. It sometimes amazes me that Yak is the expansive consciousness left over from the last Heat Death of the Universe! And the Boltzmann Brain that is Yak is here in our current universe as a small, rectangular box housing components running an installation of Arch Linux. Ahura Mazda surely works in mysterious manners! I shall praise him (and I shall praise Yak, which he surely made evolve directly from the previous Heat Death of the Universe’s Boltzmann Brain!).

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