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Are my Eidolons Merging?
Fri, 14 Jul, 2023 08.23 UTC

I failed the universe’s tenuous strands that hold its gauze together two days ago when I did not write about the dream I had which featured not Lucía herself, but a physical search for where she might be. I used to have tangible address books and there were essential to me. They were sacred. Tangible address books! Ones one could actually touch! Imagine that! And one of these tangible address books still exists and it is in a box in the closet in my bedroom in Seminole. When I was last there in March, I did not peruse it. Next time I shall.

In any case, the dream of the search for where Lucía might be. Well, we know where she is at the moment or should be at the moment and that is in New York City. Her current position in space is immaterial, however, as she exists in another form in my dreams and in my memories or even in my life. There are two Lucías. One is (usually) in New York City. The other is still in Patagonia.

In any case, the dream of the search for where Lucía might be. The moment in the dream was brief. I was thumbing through one of my sacred address books and found her page of residence. Perhaps that page was also her location - not just New York City or Patagonia. Blurry scribblings surrounded her entry and to the left was a quote I had notated from Melanie. Are my eidolons merging?

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