Here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth.

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This Elaborative Mishmash of Words
Mon, 25 Jan, 1999 00.00 UTC

Now I shall attempt to gleefully continue my work on James’s project, hopefully in a successful manner. Hawkwind spills out of the speakers and I am reminded of the particularly lengthy day during which I completed most all of the tournament management tool and left an imprint of the event in this elaborative mishmash of words. My mind is also on Magdalena, with whom I spent the majority of yesterday. I wonder if she will keep her resolve to leave Daryl. I hope. Why? Well, because I want her to be happy. Watching her play pool last night with that curious, bright smile and her shuffling feet made me laugh with pleasure despite myself.

It is time to actually perform the task I laid out for myself in the last entry, the construction of the whole page. Stay tuned, my ardent reader.

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