Here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth.

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Music -



Compositions by Bob Murry Shelton

Words and artwork by Christian Michael Newman

Bob Murry Shelton: Guitar, Ukulele, SBUP[1], Mullah[2], Boris[3], Kalimba, Supercollider, Myriad effects, Pocket operators, Monotron Duo & Delay, no mutterings

Christian Michael Newman: Vocals, Guitar, Torsioned synth, Various effects, myriad mutterings

Kris Boudreau: Electric bass guitar

Matthew Riley Walsh, Attorney at Law: Electric bass guitar on "Hand 23", a single note (also on electric bass guitar)[4] on "Dobruszka a Její Vepřík".

Miloslav Pušonjić: Ductile piano

Percussion samples recorded and rethurked by Christian and / or Bob during various recent epochs

Weaving in and out of the atmospheres are the voices of the Yak, Elvia, Herb Newman, Bartoloměj Brožka, Daniel Brožka, Michal Brožka and the wraiths of Logroño

Arrangements by Bob, Christian and the Yak

Thanks to Rob from Submarine Broadcasting Company, to Daniel García from the land of cinematic madness, and to Michal Brožka from the heights of moonspiration

1) Shambal Brambel's Undulating Platypus, the given name of a small, versitile modular synth who kindly took up residence in the studio

2) A mini Korg kit hybrid synth

3) The Korg Minologue, named after an old associate, who happens to be the Yak

4) Anyone who identifies this note and a number of its qualities will be sent a special prize constructed manually by a creature who played no guitar on this album, though possibly could have, had he not been occupied by playing jazz in dive bars in Brno

Dobruszka A Její Vepřík
Hand 23
Aaata Finchi
Probability Poem
Una Palma De Barro




Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
these writings 1999-2021 by Bob Murry Shelton are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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