Here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth.

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Lakife -

Lakife - various ideas



#### My goat ate your unborn child.

How to express "unborn" - or, for that matter, "born"? Child can be *tafel*. Kez etiz jo tzijet tafel isiz. The goat ate your child. Ten sopen kez retenaim. The morning is a radiant goat. (Good morning) Kez kon nulu topen. The goat is approaching the void. (Good evening)

Verbal aspect

Does Lakife need imperfect? Able to - *pa*. Volative (hopes / wishes) - *tou*. Attempt . *fetou*. Obligation (must) without and with volition (respectively). *mou* / *moua*. Suggestion (should). *uqa*, *uqaja* (more obligatory) Habitual. *sou*. Habit. *souju*.


Imperative - *joz* (only second person) Hortative - *jax* (any person)


if - then

1. If phrase doesn't imply anything in thhr then phrase: normal verb / normal verb

2. hypothetical future: nv / future

3. counterfactual: subj / subj


Metaphor must be taken into consideration or metaphors from a conlanger’s own language will be unconsciously borrowed into the conlang.

  • Lofez kon tomir li an mihiqa jetz - sleep that is alive
  • The sheep has sleep that is alive (it is dreaming).
  • Lofez tzito(mi)hiqa.
  • The sheep dreams.

'lauschen' is such a pretty German word. It's more than listening, it implies that you are very quiet yourself and attentive. Etymologically it comes from being hidden (thus extending to secretly listening). 'lauschig' - cozy, secluded. It's almost onomatopoetic, if were to make an artificial cut (lau = mild, tepid; sch.... for hushed).

To cover & to hide are basically the same thing. *syk* is "the hidden thing" or "unseen thing". *miusyk* - hidden

Face / surface Get sciency here Use names for the interior if a cell or atom metaphorically. Nucleus of a song or book == its principal part. Contrast English uses "heart". Lakife also has *haru*, which could also mean nucleus.

Sleep soundly... sleep beside the silence of creation. Mitomir kon tix haraiz.



Let's use geometry. She looked around == she observed all vectors Letz == direction. Anja jo qotxiloka letzek.'


Pleasing to me - Pleasing to the sheep Abhorrent to me Abhorrent to the sheep

jetz / nis / topen / pif / pot

  • associate with. agentive.
  • make all these words agentive.
  • *Tin moles nis etjo kez qotxijetz.* In the forest, I was associating with the goat.

*Nuz kez jetz etjo peitu txinis af.* I want to make space at home for goats.

##### random

*qimoljaum* means "become without movement". Probably something shorter for "stop" is in order.

Something decides me: That event or object made me make a decision.

Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
these writings 1993-2021 by Bob Murry Shelton are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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