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Lakife - Phrases illustrating grammar

Fal sur pez nis folor opjo qomihalja.
Among grain light-brown flower opium PAST-IMP-high. Among the wheat, poppies were growing (rising).
Fal sur pez nis folor opjo hal qotxipefosa.
Among grain light-brown position flower opium high PAST-PERF-from-seed. Among the wheat, tall poppies grew.
Tzuf tzem haluk taf nis tzem tul fosiz.
Between earth high-AUGMENTATIVE two position earth low seed-GEN. Between two lofty mountains lies a fertile valley.
Pelis natol xiliz tel nis letza ariz mihel kotzom pelitet.
Near anus line-GEN water position vector its IMP-twist abrupt east. Near the river's mouth, the its course turns sharply towards the east.
Molit pes peit ful topen lanas txuipax qeqimole?
When from residence large direction person invited FUT-INCOH-here. When will your guests from the city arrive?
Fal peit soletiz tin tzem falun famupot solet qotxinak tin tzem zir xilja naj fen.
During residence our in land farse often we PAST-PERF-leg in land wide extending-thing LOC green. During our residence in the country we often walked in the pastures.
Fek hale tzem liz hal tin peim mal nis lanasja muzar zana qomipeit.
At top earth GEN high in house small position woman old wisdom PAST-IMP-residence. At the top of the hill in a hut lived a wise old woman.
Anju lizar jeniz tin xil lanas qoqimoljaum potom pol xaif.
He young first in line person PAST-INCOH-movement-not in-front-of orifice building. The first boy in the queue stopped at the entrance.
Sykju neit liz qotxifek tunaham fetul.
Cover container GEN PAST-PERF-to floor ADV-down. The cover of the basket fell to the floor.
Kon lip folor nuz kop ariz nis texotzja mut qotzisulex pefoja rok hap hal.
With circle flower on head their position child-DIM-FEM many PAST-PERF-exertion rhythm around fire great. Many young girls with wreaths on their heads danced around the bonfire.
Pes myx fek nol jetz nat miqisimu nis fosju mal jo hap tetyk liz qomijaum.
Without thought- concerning time association under snow position seed small ERG heat star GEN heat PAST-IMP-transform-not. Patiently, the little seeds were waiting beneath the snow for the sun's warmth.
Peitu holat liz les miupelokja nuz tafju pejer tul.
Home rodent GEN tree IMP-invisible because-of branch support low. The squirrel's nest was hidden by drooping boughs.
Etjo kez petz anja liz qoqihiqaum.
I-ERG goat DAT she GEN PAST-INCHO-life-not. I made the goat become lifeless. i killed the goat.
Etjo kez petz hiqaum qotxija.
I-ERG goat DAT lifeless PAST-PRF-transform. I killed the goat.
Kon pejer lan jetz kon xilitaf tzem nis lanas muzar qotximiriz hal.
With support human association beside partition earth place person old PAST-PRF-perpendicular up. The old man with the cane stood beside the fence.
Texju kez qotxiposa fela hupol nuz syt qulan liz tul.
Boy goat PAST-PRF-expression joy mouth because-of diversion primate GEN small. Goat boy laughed because of the monkey's tricks.
Fal ten sopen tenuk potom ten faluiz hale pot fesopen solet qoqifek tzem hal.
During day begin light-BIG after day duration-GEN great-THE duration ADV-begin we PST-INCOH-to earth high. On a bright morning after the solstice, we started for the mountains.
Lanasek fal las jetz tzizanu.
Person-ALL about hunt association PFC-knowledge. Everyone knows about hunting.
Moxilu mut nuz neimolja pif solet qotxinuz xil tel.
Unit many by boat instrumentality we PAST-PERF-along thread water. We sailed by boat along the river for many kilometres.
It tin moles hais hap nis is qomisozen?
QUE in forest dense heat position you PAST-state-of-journey? Have you ever travelled in the jungle?
It is fek soharju hupa topen kon solet?
QUE you to elaboration music direction with us? Are you going to the concert with us?
It fal tel miqir liz (pot) hiju letiz tzihupa felak?
QUE during water sky GEN (duration) creature flight-GEN TRS-music ADV-tongue. Does the bird sing in the rain?
It fal kekar sim (pot) lanas pelimol misot mole?
QUE during fourth cold (duration) person proximity be-out-of here? Have the neighbours left for winter?
Et txija af peitu kes.
I transform IRR residence goat. I want to go to the goat residence. Were I going to the goat residence.
Et qifek af peitu kes.
I become-at IRR residence goat. I want to be at the goat residence. Were I at the goat residence.
Pait ten sylet is fek mole?
Can-QUE day next you to here? Can you come tomorrow?
It texja tetiz jezor (isiz) fek mole li solis txisomole?
Question child-FEM parent-GEN same (your) to here that PL-you leave. Is your sister coming to pick you up?
Holek kon folu haru.
Everything with quality resonant. It's cool.
It lanasju qoqisot mole topen?
Question man past-out-of here direction? Did the man leave?
Pait texju tetiz jezor isiz txisulex pefoja par?
Can-question child-male parent-gen same your exert rhythm adroit? Can your brother dance well?
It is qoquitihiqu tin peitotze?
Question you past-passive-birth in village-the? Were you born in this village?
Ten fure texja nomute tin peitotz nis mole kotzotz liz ariz qoqizanum.
Day before-the child-female time-most-the in village position whereabouts kitten poss self-poss became-extant-in-thought-not.Yesterday, the oldest girl in the village lost her cat.
Tetju ariz nuzole texja qomijaum fek pol xaif.
Father her because female-child past-state-of-transformation-not at opening building. The girl waited at the door for her father
Kon etiz topen kon kotzotz jetz texja mal qomiriz tul.
Beside me direction with kitten-diminuative association female-child small past-position cross down. The little girl with the kitten sat beside me.
Lanpeit sol nol liz lil qomiriz tul rok hapa.
Resident plural time of few past-position cross down around fire. The campers sat around the fire.
Pelinole is nuzol et mijaum rez liz.
Until-now you because I state-of-transformation-not mind of. I've been waiting for you (a state of mind).
Pelinole is nuzol et mole mijaum.
Until-now you because I here state-of-transformation-not. I've been waiting here for you.
Jenize qirezu turos, potonole qizana.
First become-logic disorder, then become-wisdom. First comes mental disorder. Then comes widsom.
Solet qoqifek xil teliz nis.
We past-inhocate-at line water-of place. We arrived at the river.
Li mikon solan (jetz) nuzol solet qotxifek peit mal.
That be with them because, we went (to) settlement small. We went to the village for a visit.
Pa et qikon syt (jetz) potom li tin xaif zan.
Can I begin to be with fun after that in building knowledge. I can have fun after school.
(Fetou) rix tex sol qoqija potom kez.
(Try) rapid child plural transformed behind goat. The children chased the goat.
Fal tomija pot etjo is qitekut.
During dreams, I liquefy you.
Sou et mitomir kon tix haraiz.
Usually I am sleeping beside the silence of creation. I usually sleep soundly.
Rolit qija?
How (is it) transforming? how's it going?
Paum lanasotz zoru texja liz lizar qiharja.
Not-able-to person-small fake child-fem GEN young become-functional. The little girl's doll is broken.
Kotz etiz nozu.
My cat is black.
Mole huniz lanasax liz mizanum.
Place dog-GEN asshole GEN known-NEG. The whereabouts of the asshole's dog is not known. The asshole's dog is lost.
Letze xaifim soxfolu lofez hal kekon (mole).
In this direction structure-pleasing surface-quality sheep high opposite (here). Directly opposite is a wonderful palace.
Mou fejupoj hal is tzikaren.
Obligation tidiness more you write. You must write more neatly.
Funolu mik pihal is qotzifek mole.
Early excessively you past-to here. You came here too soon.
Uqa pom hal solet tzijet.
Should slow more we eat. We should eat more slowly.
Rolit is miposa ariz?
How you sense of yourself? How are you feeling?
Rolit is ar petz posu?
How you to yourself sensation? How are you feeling?
Rolit ten isiz folu?
How day your quality? How is the quality of your day?
Foluit ten isiz?
Quality-interrogative day your? How is the quality of your day?
Molek folor fetosin tzipefosa.
Everywhere colourful flowers grow.
Hut tele haquiz hais qeqiseifa.
Probably the mist will diffuse (clear).
Etjo peritel ariz qoqirejx.
I angered my friend.
Peritel etiz petz et qoqirejx.
I became angry at my friend.
Etjo hunotz anju liz qotzirejxa.
I filled his puppy with rage.
Et peletz hunotz aniz tzirejx.
To me, his dog transacts anger. His puppy angers me.
Kon ar jetz texju taf tzisofor.
With each other (together), the two boys work.
Qotzikekoletz sefu.
The ball rolled away. (Rolling is the implied movement)
Qoqifek an topen sefu aniz.
His ball began rolling away.
Qotzifek an topen sefu texotz liz.
From him the child's ball. The child's ball rolled away. "Rolling" is the implied movement.
Pelin, kes qeqifek peituje (topen).
Soon, the goat will come home. Soon, the goat will to this home (implying "to come").
Pelin anju pes femole fek mole.
Soon, he arrives. Soon he from there to here.
Et qifela li tzija.
I am happy to go. I become happy that I go.
Femole is tzija uqa.
You should transform yourself from here. You should go.
Is fekuqa femole (topen).
You should go (from here).
Solet tzija jax.
Let's go.
Joz ar petz femole tzija.
Transform yourself away (from here).
Joz ar peletz fek femole jetz.
Go (yourself) away.
Anja jo letzek qotziloka pom.
She looked around slowly.
Fepom, anja jo qotziloka letzek.
Slowly, she looked around (in all directions).
Anja jo qotziloka topenek.
She looked to all vectors.
Anja jo qotziloka letzek.
She looked in all directions.
Funola jeniz mole hijuqa pepeit tzipeita.
Once here wild animals lived.
Qeqimiqitelum tou.
There is hope that the rain ceases.
Et kon tou (jetz) li miqitel qija um.
I have hope that the rain ceases.
Tou etiz li miqitel qija um.
It is my wish that the rain ceases.
Tin soxel riz soliz nis, solet mihiqu.
We live (exist) in a grid (shape of intersections).
Fal nolja sylet, miqitel qeqija um.
Soon, the rain will cease.
Fal nolja (sol) sylet (pot), qeqimiqitelum.
During the next moments (soon), the rain will stop.
Miqitel qija um.
The rain ceased activity.
It stopped raining.
Tin miqitel nis, kotzotz tzisyta.
The kitten is playing in the rain.
Jel hal tomija jetz.
Milk in place of dreams (instead of dreams)
Jel tzuf mole tomija liz
Milk in the place of dreams.
It's beginning to rain.
Miqitel qomipelis tul.
Rain PAST-IMP-towards lowThe rain was coming down.
Tel mija pes miqir.
Water IMP-transform from sky. Water falls from the sky. It's raining.
It's raining.
Pemole kotzotz etiz mal qotzija.
From here my little cat moved. My little cat walked away.
Kotzotz fek fix sofor (topen) tzihalja tzuf sipas.
Kitten to surface work (direction) PERF-rise throught atmosphere. Onto the table, the kitten lept.
Kotzotz tzihalja tzuf sipas.
The kitten moved upwards through the air. The kitten jumped up.
Nolja mut lanas fela tzihupoluk sonulen.
Time-tangible many person joy PERF-mouth-exaggerated sudden. Often, happy people shout.
Tanolja lanas mut qotzihupoluk sonulen.
Many people shouted twice.
Lanasap qotzihupoluk sonulen.
Some of the people shouted.
Lanasek qotzihupoluk sonulen.
All the people shouted (yelled sudden-like)
Fek xil pinu tilok (liz), tetyk soletiz qilokja.
At line end sight (GEN), star our INCOH-visible. At the horizon (at the sight's end edge), the sun becomes visible.
Peten tetyk soletiz miretena.
Radiance star our IMP-radiant. The sun shines brightly.
Tetyk soletiz txiretena ten sylet.
The sun will shine tomorrow. (_Qe-_ is not required since _ten sylet_ implies future.)
Nolja sylet tetyk soletiz miretena.
The sun is shining again.
Pes funole tetyk soletiz miretena.
Since then-past star our IMP-radiant. Since an undetermined time in the past, the sun shines. The sun has been shining.
Tetyk yziz qomiretina.
Star our PAST-IMP-radiant. The sun was shining.
Tetyk soletiz qotxiretena.
Star our FUT-PERF-radiant. The sun will shine.
Tetyk yziz qiretena.
Star our INCOH-radiant. The sun begins to shine.
Anja jo miretina plax lej jo kez txisohiqu.
She ERG IMP-radiant evil SUBORD-ABS ERG goat PERF-out-of-life. She radiates the evil that kills goats.
Anja jo miretena plax.
She ERG IMP-radiant evil. She radiates evil.
Anja jo rukam qetzija lej jo kar isiz tziroxax.
She ERG hand FUT-PERF-transform SUBORD-ABS ERG face your PERF-rupture-derogatory. She will transact her hand so it ruptures your face.
Anja jo is peletz rukam qetzija.
Not sure about this.
Pa is tziloku tzuf rox nuz lok etiz nis (topen).
You can see through the crack in my eye.
Et mija.
I exist (continually transact).
Etjo qotzija naham (ariz) li (an)jo kop kez liz qotzirox.
I used my foot to break the goat's head.
Kez jo kop ariz qotzirox role naham etiz.
Goat ERG head its PAST-PERF-rupture this-way foot GEN my. The goat broke his head on my foot.
Kotjo jena tenu petz Ten qotzilamu. Nozu petz anjo Noz qotxilamu. Ten pinu teni sopen qoqiten jeniz.
And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
Kotjo jena qotzilok tene. An qomitetz. Kotjo jena qotzitaf ten pes nozu topen.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
Kotjo jena qotzilak, «Jax miten». Qomiten.
And (the one) god said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Tzeme qomipes soxel jetz, qominuluqi: Nozu qominuz fix nulu liz nis. Ses kot liz jena qoqimolja nuz fix teliz topen.
And the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Fal sopene pot, kotjo jena qoqija miqir tzemi.
In the beginning God created (transacted into existence) the heaven and the earth.

Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
these writings 1993-2023 by Bob Murry Shelton are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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