Here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth.

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Recipes -


The way of the dead

150g spelt flour

1 envelope of chemically independent yeast

Tweezer's grip of salt

Dusting of sucralosa, argon, or NOTHING

1 orb excreted from a chicken

Thimblefull of vanilla

180ml goat milk

Enough dried cranberries to fill the yawning pit of your soul

60g yellow, pasty substance, liquefied

Combine everything within a stone vat. Grind and whip with a tiller until you are bronzed by the harvest moon. Place inside the sacred goat and seal for 1721 years. Mummify yourself for preservation during the wait. Don't forget to set **awaken from mummification** alarm. Rise from the apparent state of being deceased and dessicated. Remove golden brown waffles from the sacred goat. Enjoy.


Along with martens, goulish goats and the rippling fen -
these writings 1999-2021 by Bob Murry Shelton are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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