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The Meat Locker of Earlthly Desires
Fri, 09 Aug, 2019 15:03

The initial purpose of this entry is to test a new #blog functionality. An astute reader will notice the hash symbol in front of the word blog in the previous sentence. After reading about the Linux / MacOS command line application JRNL, I decided that dispensing with my ubiquitous topic header shall be done today. The original format of these entries, all written in either Emacs or Vim, of course, since I am old school, is a series of headers terminated by newlines. One of them is Topic, after which is listed a comma delimited list of topics an entry pertains to. I’ve come to realize that being old school, though attractive to all the Romanian Prostitutes roving these parts, isn’t always the ideal state of being. Indeed, the ideal state of being is ever changing, or progressive, if you will.

Speaking of Romanian Prostitues, I’ve been made aware that they may be of help with #Elixir regular expresions. Growing up in Romania, especially in the cluttered berg of Deva, has its advantages, you see. Young girls are raised to be one thing or another. That’s an inclusive or. The first, as the peruser of Martenblog may have guessed, and given its references in this and the previous paragraph, is a Romanian Prostitute. The second, as the peruser of Martenblog, being swift in mental capacities, should have assumed by now, is a Elixir Regular Expression Guress. Guress is the feminine of Guru. As their male counterparts swelter on mountainsides and in Slivovice distilleries, these soon to be defouled innocents are schooled rigorously in both trades.

Returning to the topic, absolutely no pun intended because I despise puns and find them the lowest, peasanty humour available, bubble-like and crude, is that a #hashtag in the body of an entry creates a topic much like the aforementioned comma delimited list. Now to test. Go fetch yourself a Romanian Prostitute.

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