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Every Contextual Greyness Fading from an Edge You Are
Sat, 10 Aug, 2019 08:57

What remains, in my mind, in the soundtrack to Dani’s newest short film, austerely entitled Sheriff, is one more short piece. I’m not counting the two #SirAlfredIV remakes that still have to be done. Forcing Christián to sing A House of Strength and Love will be a chore. Oh, he’ll sing it well and be willing, but he is anything but timely when collaborating on #music. His main problem, obviously, is that he has no access to Romanian Prostitutes in South Carolina (subsequently known as The Pit). Being of the ignorant farmboy type, he’d not notice the Guress Jewel inside each Romanian Prostitute, sense nothing of the underlying richness of Elixir or its regular expression syntax, and simply toss her to the dogs (or to his brother) after profaning her.

Actally, Christián is the Sheriff in Dani’s newest short #film. And a fine sheriff he is, untimely imp or not.

The latest piece and the remaining one are both based on melodies I wrote for Insensetez, the July tune in my Jazz course. The melodies are wholly original, though other parts of my arrangement were based on the original melody of the piece. As I showered earlier, I put on Rain Tree Crow at a volume that created an ambience, as it should be. In specific, New Moon at Red Deer Wallow struck me as the sort of environment I’d like. The pace is hollow. The synth rolls like moonbeams made to dapple a forest floor in vaguely geometic abstractions. The melody itself drifts in and out almost as if it were peeking occasionlly around a stone but mostly keeping to itself. I’ll keep this all in mind for my recitation (as Robert Calvert would say, were he not dispersed into the roots of various vegetables).

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