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The Buddha Goes for Target Practise, Part IV
Sat, 01 Feb, 2020 16.16 UTC

Walking through the Pagan Park in Seminole, Texas, or perhaps whilst visiting the casino in Hobbs with my parents, a thought struck and amused me.

Say that living beings (all of them) have some sort of primordial force that various humans term soul or spirit. This premise is frighteningly widespread. I say frighteningly because I see myself as a rational guy who frowns and even scoffs at superstitions. To each his own, sure, but even novel and film related ghost stories give me problems these days. Perhaps it is my decrepitude. I am, after all, several epochs old. Anyway, that is a separate subject.

Back on track - Say that living beings (each one of them) have a primordial interior force. It exists symbiotically with our living corpse, but doesn’t deteriorate with time. Various humans dub this soul or spirit or elephantine farce, depending on whom you ask. It doesn’t cease, however, after the living corpse stops its elliptical ambulations. Taking the Buddhist standpoint, the primordial force passes directly into another living corpse after death. It makes sense to me that it’d elect a being conceived, born, whatever moment you’d like to choose at the same instant of the aforementioned living corpse’s death.

Given this theory, a spirit previously inhabiting a human has an infinitesimal chance of residing in another human. Most likely, that force carries on in a paramecium or lichen. Personally, I hope my personal (I laughingly call it personal) primordial force, wiped clean of those pesky memories, occupies a widely distributed slime mold. How’s that for megalomania?

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