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Musical Black Box
Sat, 22 Feb, 2020 12:05

I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of music that both exists and appeals to me on an immediate surface level. The question is, how do I choose which are worthy of profound examination? My conclusion is that the choice is entirely arbitrary.

Sometimes I’ll elect a group / artist / project to explore by association with others I’ve previously delved into. Last year’s Utopia Strong is a prime example, as it’s a Kavus Torabi project. I choose others because of social association. Lately this means through acquaintences on Sonomu.Club. Historically, I’ve found much to like through acquaintences on progressiveears (and in ancient times, rec.music.progressive). I also shouldn’t forget friends who ramble on and on about certain artists. I tend to check those out, as well, though at times with trepidation.

But again, the previous paragraph indicates over-saturation. I have to thin the elite herd and / or cherry-pick. These decisions to explore deeply, as I typed cheerily a few paragraphs ago, are arbitrary. Last year, I decided I’m going to be a fan of Lady With. I had enjoyed what I heard and also other projects involving the composer, but it took a conscious decision to make time to get into the musical universe of the group.

I’m guessing youth saw me having more visceral reactions to musics and choosing explorations on a lizard brain level. Those days are long dissipated.

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