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Tue, 25 Oct, 2022 06.48 UTC

So here I sit once again atop the bed, propped up like a mannequin and typing into _myx-nulu_, the trusty tablet with a cheap, bluetooth keyboard. Hey - it's part of the morning routine, so I am certainly not complaining. I swigged the remains of yesterday's Earl Grey with a dash of leche semi-desnatada. In a previous life, I always had a problem with the word _desnatada_. I saw it as something altogether different, such as _desinatana_ or something even stranger. I believe this springs from an acute dyslex...

Mon, 24 Oct, 2022 06.38 UTC

Living by one's principles is similar going through life interacting with a universe of human life forms that are figments of one's own mind. It is a form of solipsism. Instead of seeing one's brother or step-mother or next-door neighbour as an incrementally changing, dynamic human life form, in place of that realism, one interacts with what I call an eidolon. An eidolon is a construct formed by these aforementioned principles. Thus, one's principles, or I could say _traditional family values_ or _tradition...

Thu, 13 Oct, 2022 09.02 UTC

The current Project Euler is going to force me to create a program that does _manual division_ and that is quite ok, but it's getting late and yes that's an excuse, but fuck um. I shall write some hovno and then get on with my day, saving the _manual division_ for tomorrow morning. Hopefully, my sodden brain will muse over it throughout the current day and my sprightly morning mood will conquer it's flimsy heights with ease. But yes - tomorrow. I've begun the second revision of _Pony Ride_. It gurgles and ...

Tue, 11 Oct, 2022 06.48 UTC

It's Kindle's birthday! Hooray! Why do I remember this? Well, my carefully worn metal file of a human, I remember this because it's the day before I pulled my foetal self out from the tipped-over test tube. What is Kindle doing during these tilted days? I'd imagine that Kindle is busy being happy ensconced within a family. Oouh, baby! Congratulations, Kindle! You are part of the mainstream. You made it. Yes! We all want to be like you. As that old song goes: ### We wanna be just like you ### We wanna be ju...

Sound worlds
Mon, 10 Oct, 2022 07.55 UTC

In my "relearning python" _sendero_, I just performed a Project Euler calculation involving the Fibonacci Sequence. No big deal, vole! Everyone knows how to create a Fibonacci sequence, but the whole episode, as easy as it turned out to be, brought me back to sitting on that futon-type couch in Tuzla toying with the music-making live-coding apparatus that used to (and may still) exist in Clojure. Does it? Ah, yes. It is called _overtone_, which is a suitable name, and upon a quick search I found it is close...

Fri, 07 Oct, 2022 08.00 UTC

A perpetual rumble is the grey backdrop of the street below our apartment. It is the sound of constant motoring. Even if no car or motorcycle or scooter is passing, it exists. The impression the flow of machines across my consciousness has made over the seeming centuries painted the backdrop. Now it is a constant, even if in "reality" no machine exists to create the low, grinding buzz. It's so persistent that one'd think I'd carry it with me to other places. In a manner, I do, but only as a phantom. The lac...

Thu, 06 Oct, 2022 06.59 UTC

The current draft of Union squirts from the speaker(s) of this tablet. The initial section will be attended to soon by the mixing module of my cerebrum, as the impressions it usually leaves on me is that of tenebrous, oily liquid. In one way, however, I do like how _dark_ it sounds. Perhaps _murky_ is a better word. The flow from the end of _Olšanské Hřbitovy_ into Christian's transition directly to the _murk_ may be just what the universe needs during this trying epoch. The remainder of the piece is more b...

Wed, 05 Oct, 2022 07.02 UTC

In the early morning, which it is certainly not, one must have tea. Having stated that it is not (necessarily) early morning, do I have the requirement for tea? Yes. I must have tea. Why do I require tea if it is no longer early morning? The reason is the following: tea is omnipresent during all phases of time. The "length" of any arbitrary phase of time is immaterial. Thus, even though the original statement was that one must have tea in the early morning and it is currently no longer early morning, one mu...

Tue, 04 Oct, 2022 08.47 UTC

Sometimes I **do** feel that being sessile like our omnipresent _friend_ Shambal Brambel'd be the best course of action. And, as Robert Calvert said: _There's only one course of action._ One wouldn't have to bustle thither and then hither unmaking, reassembling and poorly ascertaining the multitudinous building blocks of life. The sessile state is one of contemplation. The sessile state is one of concentration. The sessile state is one free of distraction. Well, unless you are stationed in the sessile state...

Mon, 03 Oct, 2022 06.38 UTC

At one point in my life, I knew Python well. That point has receded to the point that much of the syntax escapes me. Though more so than the syntax itself, the practise of using list comprehensions and generators escapes me. Well, it _escaped_ me. It no longer escapes me, as I am using these constructs in my current Python programming, though I'm certainly not adept at it yet. I have no recollection of using list comprehensions or generators when I initially obsessed myself with the language. I believe I wa...

Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 09.04 UTC

It is a good morning. It is a good morning despite having the feeling that Marisa is irked at something. Of course, I could be placing the origin of her being irked upon myself, which makes me an egocentric offal ball. More likely, and I'm thinking positively here (but again, _thinking positively_ means that somewhere in my sodden brain, I am searching for what **I** may have done to cause the _irk_), she is irked because of her need to go to work early. She always needs to go to work early. Shouldn't she b...

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