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Thu, 21 Jan, 2021 15.32 UTC

So, I received my Fairphone 3 yesterday. Sure, I could have bought a Fairphone 3 **Plus**, but I decided I'll grab the camera and audio upgrades a bit later and install them myself. Why? Well - to get into the spirit of Fairphone! Open hardware! Imagine that! Fuck Samsung. The first thing I did was unlock its bootloader. This essential part of removing stock Android and placing a Google-less system on the phone is detailed here[^a]. However, once I enabled developer tools, entered into developer tools, sel...

Tue, 19 Jan, 2021 09.16 UTC

My adventure yesterday with my Galaxy m30s ended in disaster! Yes! I didn't even get to the "installing TWRP" part. Because said phone is famous for being difficult to modify and even though the bootloader has been unlocked since the dawn of the multiverse, flashing it was obviously not a good idea. I used these[^a] instructions to patch the latest m30s firmware with Magisk so that Magisk could live in the recovery partition on the phone. On this magical Samsung device, Magisk can ONLY live in the recovery ...

Mobile phones
Mon, 18 Jan, 2021 12.37 UTC

I'd really like to install LineageOS on my current phone - a Samsung Galaxy M30a - as I've been inspired once again to rid myself entirely of Google[^1]. I was nearly there next year. An olden phone, made of charred wood and reptile sinew, was running LineageOS. My only contact to Google was using IMAP to gmail. Alas! The universe conspired against me and I received the M30a as a gift. LineageOS was not available for it during that ancient October. Before, of course, I could not thurk banking applications...

Sun, 10 Jan, 2021 17.03 UTC

A few days ago, I began the journey of migrating flavigula.net to _static-generated_. So one could say that now my blog, music meanderings, poetry abominations and various other diddlings are now generated directly from the primal static of the universe. The primary file of code that accomplishes this feat is [here](https://github.com/inhortte/martenblog-elixir/blob/master/lib/martenblog/Http.ex). The generation "engine" (I laughingly call it an "engine") is pretty specific to my personal needs. It could be...

Mon, 04 Jan, 2021 09.50 UTC

This morning, I was supine and reading various Gemini feeds. I cannot seem to find the one I want to refer to with this entry, however, as the space is still slightly disorganised. Probably I took sloum's Spacewalk page as a starting point, found an article about Gemini feeds that inspired me to update my own Spacewalk instance, got up, sat at Tahr (the mighty desktop!) and simply could not find said article again. That sent me on a quest. The quest has been a failure, but I did find another fault in my own...

Tue, 29 Dec, 2020 10.48 UTC

As the days creep towards the arbitrary division between one year and the next, I am somewhat culturally forced to think about a few things that I could pay more attention to in the upcoming cycle around our waning sun. I feel like I have grown apart from the "random", or what I call in my personal shibboleth, and in the shibboleth that some close friend share, _Sweet Entropy_. When aleatory ideas blow by on the breeze, I must catch them far more often than I do. I believe I used to catch these aleatory s...

Tue, 22 Dec, 2020 11.57 UTC

And December progresses. Blather is transcribed directly from neural circuitry to VIM. Tea steeped. I fetched it and imbibed it. All this is part of another morning in Logroño. Mornings in Logroño are, by now, a routine, or each morning routine is chosen from a selection of those I have at hand. The only consistent facet in the selection of routines is the tea. All praise Tea. Most importantly, _writing_, which is part of a number of the aforementioned routines, gives me a sensation of accomplishment. Othe...

Sound design
Thu, 17 Dec, 2020 11.25 UTC

Of course, the tea has steeped and has been ready for consumption for some minutes now. To be completely honest, I've already consumed two cups. In contrast to yesterday (or yesteryear, for those of you in the throes of severe time dilation from marijuana or other assorted psychedelics), I'll be drinking _English Breakfast_ today. It's wondrous bitter tinge overtakes whichever metaphorical warmth I'm feeling at the moment. In my musings from over a month ago now, which were meant as the raw material for th...

Mon, 14 Dec, 2020 09.43 UTC

I recently realised that I didn't have a copy of Peter Hammill's _X My Heart_. I quickly remedied the atrocity and then listened to said album. I find it glorious. It was released around 1998, around a time of great change for me. The song _A Better Time_ was on some compilation or other that I was listening to in those days. Such compilations were one way to discover new music, just as hanging out on Mastodon is today, though slightly less dynamic. The "gap" in my psyche that not having this album produced...

Sloppy thinking
Thu, 10 Dec, 2020 09.30 UTC

I have lost the thread. I am certainly out of practise, writing-wise. This is true even if I've been more or less consistent over the last month and a half. Or so I tell myself! I sit down and I find myself in a state of pause more than in any other state. The flying fingers of yesteryear are but nostalgia! Oh, woe! Fuck um. Similarly, my fingers stumble after being away in Praha for a week and I begin fumbling at the guitar again. Most past routines, once abandoned, reassemble themselves, perhaps not in th...

Fri, 04 Dec, 2020 10.20 UTC

Speaking of James - Well, that is an odd way to start a blog entry, isn't it? _Speaking of James -_ has no context. Actually, considering that I do look back over old entries from time to time, given my writing history, it's not a very odd way to start a blog entry at all. So, I'll begin again. Speaking of James - and possibly drifting into _quejica_ mode - he is wandering more and more often into the sea of marketing. I do understand why, naturally, and don't necessarily blame him, though that doesn't me...

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