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Wed, 07 Sep, 2022 00.00 UTC

Chlöe Herington's new album pulses from the Fairphone. Yeah - I know I should be more audiophile oriented, but it is early morning in the universe and all my senses are so blunt that you could easily bash a Mennonite's skull in with them. Not that I have anything particularly against Mennonites. I just chose the word because it was the first thing that came to mind and because Seminole is full of them. Most likely, a good number of people, arbitrarily chosen, would find me crass, insensitive and possibly ev...

Tue, 06 Sep, 2022 00.00 UTC

I strolled through Pagan Park this morning. In fact, I just arrived. I sat on a **PINK** several times and wrote with Nextcloud Notes. Now, I am a big fan of Nextcloud and its synchronization with Joplin has been flawless to _date_, but the app that is for simply thurking notes failed whilst trying to save my writings to the _cloud_. Also, said writings cannot be found anywhere on the telephone. I assume them to be lost as logging into Nextcloud (or, rather, **OWNCLOUD**) Notes simply gives me an error and ...

Mon, 05 Sep, 2022 00.00 UTC

Today is a day for _toil_. I differentiate _toil_ from _work_ as the former is usually unpleasant. Of course, the border between one and the other is wide and blurry, as most borders must be, though it seems that some need a computing device the size of a small moon to come to that conclusion - especially those with a black and white _work_ vs _vacation_ mentality are susceptible, though that is another, if related, topic altogether. Anyhow, today is a day of _toil_. I differentiate _toil_ from _work_ as t...

Sun, 04 Sep, 2022 00.00 UTC

When I am in the _homeland_ (I laughingly call West Texas the _homeland_), I am truly a morning person. My mind collapses late in the evening, circa 20.45 or 21.00. By 22.00, I'm a corpse, breathing out its last fumes of the day. I rise from the spongy tomb at 6 the next morning, head throbbing but ready to create whatever chaos comes to synaptic majesty. I just checked and found that _Yak_ is down. I'll have Marisa check on that tiny but ostensibly resilient machine when she returns to Logroño later today...

Sat, 11 Jun, 2022 09.00 UTC

Often, I've thought about the move towards discrete forms of communication. The idea of all the pertinent points of a certain _conversation context_ being apparent within the _discrete_ conversation itself fascinates me. To achieve such a thing, all or most exterior information would need to be reiterated. By _reiterated_, I mean that whereas many points would be known from a context outside of the _discrete_ conversation, such as from past conversations, hearsay, gossip or even cultural myth, **all** would...

Bare music
Sun, 29 May, 2022 15.45 UTC

Drone Day proceeds glowingly. I place my headphones over my ears to hear and the combination of Purpll + Draume delights. Is anyone else listening? That relates to a topic I'll address later in this meandering essay (I laughingly call it an _essay_). The short answer is that Flavigula's Drone Day broadcast has had at this moment of writing a peak of 29 simultaneous listeners. How does that make me feel? It doesn't, really. More on this later in the _essay_. For now - back to Purpll + Draume! A lovely combin...

Cultural hangovers
Sun, 01 May, 2022 13.42 UTC

This morning I submitted to listening to _The Shutov Assembly_ by Brian Eno once again. I chose to enjoy it, though I didn't follow it in depth for very long. It got me thinking about the concept of _hero worship_. As a quick aside, I typed _I chose to enjoy it_ on purpose in the previous paragraph. This is a concept I'll attempt to write about in depth in a blog entry during a not too distant epoch. Anyhow - In the ambient music community, Mr Eno can be thought as a sort of pioneer (especially if one ig...

Fri, 29 Apr, 2022 06.22 UTC

Over the last few epochs, I've noticed a tendency in people to go to great lengths to justify the things they do, be those things hobbies, work, ways of thinking or even the amount of Leche de Cabra Semidesnatada they place in their English Breakfast tea in the morning. I ask myself why. I suspect it has to do with one of the greatest contradictions of occidental culture I've noted. As an infant, I was taught, as I am sure many others are, that we are innocent of any _crime_ until _proven_ guilty. I'll abst...

Sun, 24 Apr, 2022 13.19 UTC

As I mentioned in one or another of my past lives, I recently completed _An Artist of the Floating World_ by Kazuo Ishiguro. It is a fine tome and I recommend it to all. Of course, I use the word _tome_ here in a virtual sense, as I did not hold the actual weight of the book in my hand. Rather, I held the weight of the apparatus that contained a digital version of the book in my hand. It did not once slip, despite its weight and its multitudinous contents. Before I write a bit more about the contents of th...

Sat, 16 Apr, 2022 10.15 UTC

I read the book _Behold the Man_ by Michael Moorcork possibly twice when I was approximately 21 years old. I recall suggesting it to various friends. They also read it, though most likely only once. One friend was Raun, and he told me that it was not to his taste. Those were not his exact words. He related that the _style_ of the novel didn't emulsify his gravy. The style is indeed choppy, but so is life, in my opinion. In any case, it works for me. In specific, this morning and yesterday, I was thinking a...

Kazuo ishiguro
Sun, 03 Apr, 2022 09.23 UTC

I recently finished _An Artist in a Floating World_ by Kazuo Ishiguro. It was the only novel I'd never read by him. I've read others multiple times, especially _The Unconsoled_, which remains one of my favourite pieces of literature. > How so much more honourable is such a contest, in which one's moral conduct and achievement are brought as witnesses rather than the size of one's purse. I'm reminded of the film _Ghost Dog_ where characters often remark that _ancient Japan must have been a strange place_ o...

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