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Sun, 24 May, 2020 17.56 UTC

> You can't live your life in a pine box, mister. The kitchen yawned as I walked into its midst this morning, then settled back into some sort of dumb, droning daftness that kitchens are known for. I opened the refrigerator to obtain my morning meal. The garbage can stood like a dungheap in defiance of anyone who dared move it, try to sink clean hands into its murky recesses, grasping for, perhaps, some sort of handle to use for easy carrying. You can certainly live your life in a gypsum plasterboard box, ...

Sat, 23 May, 2020 17.35 UTC

Herr Christián mentioned that he considers the _aristocracy_ those that feel their ilk, meaning those closest to them, meaning their families, deserve to be in some means **above** others. In that the so-called **nobility** in the forlorn times was something akin (pun intended) a giant family, he is correct. Familiarity breeds a feeling of superiority, a group-think nobility. This idea extends from the family to the community and to the city and nation. It is another form of bubble, and concentric bubbles w...

Sat, 23 May, 2020 14.21 UTC

I started reading _The Lost Art of Scripture_ by Karen Armstrong yesterday. I read another one of her books in my early twenties and it helped spawn a part of my life very interested in exploring religion, myth and their effects on culture and the people I knew at the time. During more recent decades, I've separated religion from what Karen calls the arts and left it in a box to rot under the bed in the apartment I lived in back then in Houston. Perhaps part of the present _Bobbus_ wants to summon a bit of ...

Thu, 26 Mar, 2020 12.19 UTC

Habitually in Spain, it's seen as __maleducación__ to directly tell someone you dislike what they have suggested to you or given to you as a gift. I suppose that to some extent, this practise would be considered __maleducación__ in most cultures. Sadly, its effects are detrimental to a relationship. In fact, the effects are so detrimental that I'd place them on the level of, say, binding one's friend to an outcropping overlooking a churning sea of pus so that a __goat__ can consume his / her pancreas. Mar...

Inner dialog
Tue, 24 Mar, 2020 09.25 UTC

It seems to me that a certain percentage of the violation of nature that I call the __human race__ has an irksome habit. In fact, it's so irksome, that many a times, I wish for these peasants to drown in their own blood. The paradox is that this __habit__, in the correct context, can be positive. I require concise answers to questions in my work, and not only in my work but in other aspects of my life. When I ask a colleague a question, I don't want a slice of their inner dialog combined with a vague pret...

Sat, 22 Feb, 2020 12.05 UTC

I'm often overwhelmed by the amount of music that both exists and appeals to me on an immediate surface level. The question is, how do I choose which are __worthy__ of profound examination? My conclusion is that the choice is entirely arbitrary. Sometimes I'll elect a group / artist / project to explore by association with others I've previously delved into. Last year's __Utopia Strong__ is a prime example, as it's a Kavus Torabi project. I choose others because of __social__ association. Lately this mean...

Sat, 01 Feb, 2020 16.16 UTC

Walking through the Pagan Park in Seminole, Texas, or perhaps whilst visiting the casino in Hobbs with my parents, a thought struck and amused me. Say that living beings (all of them) have some sort of primordial force that various humans term *soul* or *spirit*. This premise is frighteningly widespread. I say *frighteningly* because I see myself as a rational guy who frowns and even scoffs at superstitions. To each his own, sure, but even novel and film related ghost stories give me problems these days. P...

Wed, 22 Jan, 2020 16.01 UTC

A recurring bump in interaction with a friend who will remain anonymous other than saying he has what I call the *Newman* disease and both severe dyslexia and dyscalculia again happened yesterday. I suggested a course on Javascript using exercism.io, a useful site for learning programming languages at your own pace - ie, when you have free time. Again, I got an offhand comment about `js`, but nothing more. Same old story, different epoch. Usually, when I get this sort of response from someone, I blink a fe...

Sat, 18 Jan, 2020 14.47 UTC

Yesterday, in the early evening, I had a flash like a sudden fever that struck me then left, but returned in reverberating waves during the following hours. The feeling had subsided completely by the time I passed into sleep hours later, but the thought structure it left behind remained. It still remains today. The collection of wealth for its own sake is an abomination. Moreover, the collection of wealth to pool into a *family trust* is equally evil. Common regurgitations I perceive are along the lines of...

Tue, 31 Dec, 2019 10.39 UTC

Taylor asked me yesterday what are five things I did during the decade that is coming to a close that made it worth it. Before I begin a formal list, I'll say the overreaching concept that made the decade *worth it* was the sheer enjoyment of as many moments as possible during the said decade. Being that a *moment* can be regarded as an infinetesimal span of time, I had the possibility to experience infinite enjoyable moments, causing death by cerebral hemorrhage in several infinities of parallel quantum u...

Sat, 28 Dec, 2019 20.05 UTC

In brief conversation with Marisa's mother, Ilu, I encountered an ingrained form of response, or so it seemed to me. I stated *We are leaving within an hour.* (*Marcharemos dentro de una hora.*) and she immediately came back with *Or even sooner!* (*O incluso más pronto!*). I immediately correct her, as I am wont to do. Some call me a *pedant* for such behaviours. Fuck um. Nothing against Ilu, but I find such responses a symptom of sloppy thinking. I like to hang back a bit with my thoughts before coming o...

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