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Mon, 24 Oct, 1994 00.00 UTC

A few thoughts on "meaning". Inspired by GEB. There seem to be three levels in the search for meaning in any particular object: - the realization that there is, in fact, meaning there to be found. - the ideas, conceptions, thoughts and notions that allow the actual decoding of the message inherent to the object. - the actual message. These three "levels" are found in all types of "decipherings" throughout life, whether one realizes it or not. Suppose a steel box violently crashes through the roof of you...

Sun, 23 Oct, 1994 23.01 UTC

Carrying on in the previous vein: I just tangled in conversation with this idea, so I shall write it, no matter its relative wackiness. Say knowledge, in a way, is passed genetically, but not the knowledge itself, but only, as i mentioned on the last page, the ability to learn types of knowledge. Use types in the way a common university uses the word to divide knowledge: Chemistry, Physics, English, Photography, etc. A single mutation that slightly alters a few atoms gives or takes the ability (or increase...

Sun, 23 Oct, 1994 00.00 UTC

Thought for the day: "If anyone thinks that God will not give victory to His apostle in this world and in the world to come, let him tie a rope to the ceiling of his house and hang himself. Then let him ponder if his cunning has done away with that which has enraged him." --The Holy Qur'an 22:15 **Is metaphor, allegory creation in itself or just very carefully disguised plagiarism?** ### NEXT UNRELATED IDEA, PLEASE! Egads! I have come upon an interesting notion that i shall attempt to distill into a (mo...

Sat, 22 Oct, 1994 00.00 UTC

A theme from "The Shawshank Redemption" that I found especially alluring was the concept of a person becoming "institutionalized." The sense in which this word was initially used was this: A man is convicted of a crime at a rather young age (young being between twenty and thirty), and imprisoned. He spends fifty years of his life inside a world that is controlled in a perfectly measured way, giving him no way of knowing how to act if he is suddenly shoved into "reality" - reality being the world outside of...

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